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May 27, 2020 -- Something has been bothering Kimberly Prather, PhD: Everything she reads about COVID-19 points to a pathogen that travels through the air.

还有它是如何迅速波及世界各地,研究显示它是如何通过传播餐馆(可能由空调system?), how it袭击了教堂唱诗班即使他们分开,而他们唱歌,怎么好像价差像飞机和邮轮上野火;这一切,她说,普拉瑟应该知道。她的研究气溶胶 - 颗粒如此的渺小,他们在空中自由浮动,旅游英尺甚至英里。她跑在加利福尼亚州圣迭戈大学的大,政府资助的研究中心,研究病毒和海洋漂浮在空中的说出来其他的事情怎么样。

“A lot of the evidence has been pointing to aerosol transmission of respiratory viruses,” she says.流感可以通过空气传递,如病毒引起SARS. “This particular virus, a lot of evidence is mounting.”


“It’s just shocking to me, quite honestly, that this has not been factored in.”

And she believes masks can play a major role in stopping that transmission.

在接受美国magazine on May 26, Anthony Fauci, MD, who leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,在教堂中引用气溶胶传输.

“When you sing, the amount of droplets and aerosol that come out is really, in some respects, scary,” Fauci said.

In aperspective articlefor the journal科学,普拉瑟明确勾画出空气传播的证据,并解释了什么人需要做什么来保护自己。它迅速在社交媒体上回升。


科学已经成为自那以后要先进得多。普拉瑟和其他人开发的仪器,可以“看到”非常微小的粒子 - 气溶胶。气溶胶以微米测量,或一米的百万分之一。一个人类红血球的大小大约为5微米。这些粒子非常小,从咳嗽或打喷嚏时蒸发的水分,而他们仍然在空气中。他们漂浮在空气中的电流。他们花时间来解决。




“I have to say something because this could actually protect people,” she says. What airborne transmission means, she says, is that 6 feet is not far enough to stand apart. It also means we should probably be wearing masks a lot more often.

“It’s very fixable. Masks aren’t that big of a deal,” she says. “To me, I look at this as a solution.”

She points to the success Taiwan has had stopping the spread of the infection. Taiwan has only had a few hundred cases and only seven deaths, even though the country never implemented a national lockdown. Instead, they aggressively tested their citizens, quarantined people who tested positive for 2 weeks, and had everyone wear口罩.

“If you look at countries that just naturally wear masks when people feel sick … those countries did a lot better than those that did not,” Prather says.

She wears hers inside and outside, especially if she’s walking outdoors in a place where she can see other people. She tells people to imagine how far they can smell cigarette smoke or a barbecue. That’s how far aerosols can travel between you and another person.

好消息,她说,是最近学习已经表明,自制的布口罩can be as effective at blocking the virus作为外科口罩。还有一个重要的提醒,虽然。他们有适合你的脸。


这是原因之一,面罩 - 塑料覆盖人都穿着着他们的脸 - 不工作,不戴面具。面罩挡住飞沫,气溶胶,但仍然可以找到一种方式。



  • A new normal consists of more handwashing, social distancing, and shielding older people and people medically vulnerable to the disease.
  • Nursing homes are ground zero for the COVID pandemic and require policies to immediately isolate residents with symptoms and reduce visitors.
  • More robust healthcare systems are needed to prepare for a surge, so hospitals don't become overwhelmed.
  • 关爱慢性病患者将包括远程医疗和处方增加笔芯。
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