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6 Essentials for an Effective Face Mask

face mask sewing
Arefa Cassoobhoy,MD,MPH  - 博客
通过Arefa Cassoobhoy,MD,MPH Board-certified internist May 07, 2020

Editor's note: This content was updated on June 9, 2020, to include new information.

At some point, all of us will have to leave our homes and venture into public places. For now, it may be the grocery store or the doctor’s office, but later as social distancing measures slowly ease, we may actually be able to get a haircut or return to the office for work. The new normal will be different – seating will be spaced far apart, there will be plenty of clear barriers to protect workers, and you will likely be wearing a face mask.

In many places, you are already required to wear a cloth face covering, and it makes good sense. According to Dr. Anthony Fauci between 25% to 50% of people can be infectious and spread the virus without symptoms. It is easily transmitted by respiratory droplets simply by speaking or laughing, along with coughing or sneezing.

Of course, a cloth face mask is not foolproof protection fromCOVID-19,但它比没有面具要好很多。它是物理疏远的另一个重要层结合6英尺从他人和手部卫生间隔使用时。不幸的是,没有足够的N95还是在美国其他医用口罩给大家。我们需要保存这些面具的人在前线关怀与COVID-19那些生病了。

Not surprisingly, the cloth face mask market is increasing exponentially to meet demand, and the science behind what makes a good cloth face mask is inching along slowly. It is difficult to know what qualities to prioritize when searching for a face mask.

Here is what we know about what makes a good cloth face mask:

Sew or no-sew:正确使用时,无论是缝或无缝选项都很好。做什么是合理的为您服务。如果你在赶时间,去一个没有缝的选项。如果你是狡猾的,在家里做自己的面具。或者,在本地或在线订购你的面具。选择通过像CDC可靠来源推荐的面罩设计。另一种选择是检查你的当地医院的网站。许多人都张贴有明确的指示图案,使口罩,他们会接受作为捐赠。


布:The WHO updated guidelines recently for non-medical masks. Cloth masks made of cotton bandana material should have at least 4 layers. All the cloth masks should use at least 3 layers of a tightly woven, washable fabrics. Ideally the inner layer against the wearer’s mouth and nose is of cotton or a cotton blend that can absorb moisture. The outer layer should be of polypropylene or polyester blends that can block contamination from the environment penetrating the mask and reaching the wearer’s nose or mouth. The middle layer can be either cotton or polypropylene to improve filtration or hold droplets. Avoid stretchy fabrics that might not filter as well and not be durable when washed in hot water.

Filter:Some masks will have a space to slip in a filter for an added layer of protection. The CDC recommends adding coffee filters to homemade masks. Online I’ve seen many filter options pop-up as people experiment with products in their home. These include cutouts from reusable fabric grocery bags made of polypropylene non-woven fibers, nylon fabric from pantyhose, paper towels, kitchen towels, bra pads, denim, and canvas to name a few.

同时,PM2.5口罩过滤,保护你ser from very small particles like smoke and dust (but not the virus), are being repurposed to slip into cloth masks. These filters, like the cloth masks won’t guarantee protection from the COVID-19 virus, but it could improve the level of protection you get from a cloth mask. Some sellers are not credible, so double check before you order.

We do not have much science to go on, so common sense is critical here. Is the filter worth adding when you consider safety and usability? The filter needs to be dense enough to block tiny, moist particles while also being breathable and comfortable.


适合:你需要能够与面罩呼吸舒适上,这样你就不必滑而过,而你在公共场所采取了一口气。面罩必须从鼻子紧密贴合下巴和背部朝耳下。如果有缝隙,让空气在了也没用。有可用的口罩是有不同的尺寸。此外,你不希望有面膜不甘示弱,例如,如果它的僵硬,并且可能污染你的手指触摸口罩的外层。如果你觉得你不能用你的面具舒适透气,不要把它和Google Talk使用你的医生另一面覆盖选项。

Ease of use:Once you find a face mask you like, it’s only as good as how you use it. Make sure you can easily untie or remove the loops from your face and pull the mask away from your face without being contaminated by touching the front of the mask. Infinity scarves are not a good option for masks because they’re difficult to cleanly take on and off.


Durability:You will need to wash the cloth mask in hot water after each use, so look for reviews online that comment on the masks wear and tear. If the mask loses shape, you will not be able to use it. If you are adding a filter, cleaning it will depend on what kind of filter you use. A coffee filter should be thrown away after each use. Also, the fabric should be pre-washed so that you don’t need to worry about shrinkage.

When you wear a cloth face mask, it shows you care about your own health and the health of others. It signals to others to be respectful of physical distancing measures and keep a 6-foot distance from you. A cloth face covering is also a subtle reminder that the professional masks are for those on the front line. With all the cool colors and patterns out now, you can even make it a style statement.

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